Comment fonctionne le test prénatal Harmony

Comment fonctionne le test prénatal Harmony

Harmony is a new type of highly accurate and prenatal test for Down syndrome that:

  • Measures DNA
  • Utilise une méthode unique d'analyse ciblée de l'ADN


Harmony analyse l'ADN

Pendant la grossesse, le sang maternel contient des fragments d'ADN foetal. Harmony est un nouveau type de test qui analyse cet ADN à partir d'un échantillon sanguin pour prédire le risque de syndrome de Down (trisomie 21), ainsi que le risque de trisomies 18 et 13, au cours de la grossesse.



Une approche ciblée

While traditional blood tests can miss as many as 15% of Down syndrome cases in pregnant women2, Harmony’s DNA-based technology accurately identifies more than 99% of cases1

The Harmony Prenatal Test specifically targets the DNA in chromosomes 21, 18 and 13. While rare, these are the most common trisomies that occur in babies born to women of any age, when no other risk factors are known. 4

Contrôle qualité de niveau supérieur

The Harmony Prenatal Test incorporates extensive quality controls. These controls include measurement of the amount of the developing baby’s DNA in each sample, to ensure that there is enough DNA present to return a reliable result. While it may seem surprising, not all DNA-based genetic tests take the care to measure this basic information.


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